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 Counselling: What Is It? 

Sometimes life can be difficult and painful and feeling anxious, low and distressed can often make living our lives a real struggle. Confronting those challenging emotions and situations can be tough and facing these times alone can make it even more upsetting. Counselling can help by offering you a safe space where you can explore these feelings without fear of judgement at a point when facing these darker times feels just too overwhelming to go through it by yourself. 

  Therapeutic counselling can be effective in dealing with many issues including stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol problems, sexuality, trauma, abuse, eating disorders, sex/love addiction & codependency, depression and relationship concerns.

What You Might Expect

I believe that the best way to help you strive towards your goals - whatever they may be - is to work together within a collaborative therapeutic relationship, which is empathic, supportive and dynamic. At the same time, therapy can also be challenging and does not provide a 'magic wand' or a 'cure'. To benefit, it takes time and over that time, I encourage my clients to focus and reflect upon certain key areas which will include:

'Stuck-ness' in certain areas of life
Meaning & Purpose
Choice & Responsibility
Relationship with self & others
The Impact of the past on the present
Patterns of Relating
Conditioning & Belief Systems

Bereavement, Grief & Loss


This is not an exhaustive list by any means and therapy needs to be a flexible and ever-evolving process where you and not I set the agenda. But in it's simplest terms, counselling can help you move towards greater self-awareness, improve your ability and skills in making decisions that are productive and self-caring and give you a clearer feel for the 'real' you. Then, over time, you can identify what you want your life to be, how you can best meet your needs and how this can most effectively be achieved through your relationship with yourself and others. And remember, no-one knows you better than you - you probably just don't know it yet.

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